12 March 2015, 10.00 – 12.00, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Ballroom



THE Republic of Indonesia

Remarks on
The 21ST Presentation Ceremony of
the Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF)
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, Ballroom,
12 March 2015, 10.00 – 12.00


Excellency and honorable guests:
Mr. Yasuaki Tanizaki, Ambassador of Japan to Indonesia,
Mr. Akihiro Nikkaku, The President of  Toray Industries Inc.,
Mr. Akihiko Ishimura, The President Director of PT Toray Industries Indonesia,
Prof. Dr. H. Soefjan Tsauri, M.Sc., Chairman of Indonesia Toray Science Foundation
Harwindo Haribowo, Ph. D., Chairman of Selection Committee on Science Education Award
Prof. Dr. Ir. Dedy Fardiaz, M. Sc., Chairman of Selection Committee on Science and Technology
Board of Directors of Indonesia Toray Science Foundation,
Distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen,


A very good morning to all of you,
First, it is my honor to be here and attending the 21st presentation ceremony of the Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF). This ITSF Awards is really in line and supporting my main vision and missions as the Minister for Research, Technology and Higher Education, which among others is, to involve the private companies into the education and research system and mechanism, since the beginning of its phases. 

Therefore, I really appreciate the Toray Industries Inc., for maintain the collaboration with Indonesia as one of its partners in the world, especially for establishing PT Toray Industries Indonesia, as well as for serially conducting this event every year.
Entering the new era in the ‘Triple Working Cabinet’, our Ministry has been transformed into a new paradigm, so called ‘The Ministry for Research, Technology and Higher Education (RT-HE).  The new structure, which was launched through the Presidential Decree No 13/2015 per 23rd January 2015, offered the new roles and functions of five Directorate Generals, which relate to (i) ‘Academic/Learning and Student Affairs’, (ii) ‘Science, Technology and Higher Education (STHE) Institutions’; (iii) ‘STHE Resources’; (iv) ‘Strengthening of Research and Development (R&D), as well as (v) ‘Empowerment of Innovation’.

Meanwhile, our priority research areas (PUNAS), according to our National Mid-Term Planning (RPJMN) 2015 – 2019, are still covering the seventh research areas (i) Food and Agriculture; (ii) Energy, including renewable and alternative energy; (iii) Health and Medicine; (iv) Information, Communication and Technology (ICT); (v) Transportation; (vi) Advanced Technology, including Nanotechnology, (vii) Defense technology, plus Maritime Technology and the Science, Technology Park (STP) development

Excellencies, Honorable and distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,
The programs of our Ministry in the future are expected to encourage more of ‘research commercialization processes’.   Indeed, within the next five years, I wish to see more R&D ‘saleable’ products – coming from universities and or R&D Institutes and their ‘Private Partners’. Really, it is the time now, for moving forward, and encouraging the Indonesian researchers for leaving the ‘selfish research for individual satisfaction only’ and transforming it, into the ‘useful and commercialized research’; which could be continued and leveraged up, into the ‘mass production of saleable products’.
Therefore, I am very glad to attend this ceremony, because there are two reasons for this:
Firstly, I see various participants from different fields of ABG (Academicians/researchers; Business, and Government) are meeting here, and supported by the Indonesia Toray Science Foundation (ITSF) and the Toray Industries Inc. 

Secondly, I am glad knowing researchers from Indonesian institutions, and the Toray sides; have started to communicate, to exchange information about research activities, as well as to identify which fields and determining ‘forms’ of cooperation that should be started.  
For this, hopefully, they could start small collaborative program(s) in the near future, and I wish that the Toray contribution, will continue and grow, into to bigger scale of co-operations, between industry and universities/research institutes.   Even more, I wish this could be also considered as as one of the progress of the bilateral RT-HE programs, between Japan and Indonesia.

Excellencies, distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen,

Today is really a special day for the ITSF awardees, which would be announced soon by the committee.  Therefore, I would like to congratulate both of the “Science Education Awardees” and ‘The Science and Technology Awardees”. For this, I understand that hundreds of Indonesian scientists and teachers, have applied for the research grant provided by the ITSF.  However, I acknowledge that after a very careful and strict selection process, only few of them will be awarded with the ITSF research grants. It means  the ‘Science and Technology Awardees’ that will be announced later on, are considered as some of the best Indonesian scientists. In this regards, I would like to congratulate the twenty one (21) of you.  Indeed, you are really the Indonesian rising stars!.

Moreover, I have formerly emphasized that research programs in Indonesia must be directed to have clear objectives and to produce commercial products at the end. However, I am fully aware that ‘basic research’ is also required in the beginning of commercialization process.  For this, this I am glad that a foundation, such as the ITSF, could provide attentions on this matter.  Hopefully, this great program, could be extended to support the research-commercialization–competitive programs, in the future. 
Last year, during my meeting with Mr. Ishimura, the  President of Toray Industries Indonesia, at the National S&T Center (PUSPIPTEK), Serpong; I invited Toray Inc, to take part of the research commercialization process in Indonesia.  I am glad that this meeting was followed up by the joint team of Ristek-Dikti Ministry and PT Toray Indonesia.

On this occasion, on behalf of the Government of Indonesia, I also would like to extend my gratitude to the significant contribution from (i) “The Toray Industries Inc.” and from (ii) “The Government of Japan, through the Japan ASEAN Cooperation (Japan ASEAN Integrated Fund – JAIF)”, as both of them provided significant contribution, to the success implementation of the 9th ASEAN Science and Technology Week (9th ASTW) in Indonesia last year.  For this I remember that I signed remarks for the Proceeding of the 4th ASEAN Conference on Science and Technology 2014, as my first duty in the Ministry. 
In this regards, I would like to take this opportunity for conveying my gratitude to Dr. Sadayuki Sakakibara, the Chairman of the Board of Toray, who visited several of Indonesian partners, and paying great attentions to the joint cooperation.   

Excellencies, distinguished participants, ladies and gentlemen,

 Ending my remarks, the last but not the least; I would like also to congratulate the ten of the ‘Science Education Awardees’, which consists of the science high school teachers. Indeed, your achievements and dedications to teach our children – the next Indonesian generation are priceless and very valuable!
Without your great ‘innovative’ contributions, as the biology, physics, and chemistry high-school teachers in Indonesia; it is impossible that the next Indonesian generations would be shaped perfectly and have great characters.  For this, my special gratitude goes from the bottom of my heart, for your everlasting dedications to educate Indonesian children, who are the souls and backbone of the future Indonesia. 

Please keep on your spirit, Ibu and Bapak, as your contribution, In Shaa Allah, would be granted, not only by us in this world, but also by the Almighty at the end of our journey.

With this last remark, I would like to close my speech by stating again: “Congratulation to ITSF on its 21st Anniversary and the ITSF Awardees”.  I believe, every effort that you have made would contribute to the Indonesian betterment in the future.

I thank you very much for your attention,
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Jakarta, 12 March 2015
Prof. M. Nasir, PhD., Akt.

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